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4 Ways to Get Free Movie Tickets

When you learn the answer to how much does a movie ticket cost, you might wonder how to get free movie tickets. Learn how here.

4 Ways to Get Free Movie Tickets

There’s just something about seeing a movie up on the big screen in a theater. The surround-sound. The expansive visuals. And did we mention incredibly expensive but oh-so-delicious buttery popcorn?

But heading to the movies has progressively gotten more expensive over the years. How much does a movie ticket cost? In 2021, the average movie ticket price was nearly $10. Ticket prices can climb up to $15 or more in big cities.

There are lots of ways to see movies on the cheap these days, though. In addition to dollar movie theaters, you may be able to get free movie tickets in various situations. Here’s how to get free movie tickets so you can enjoy a new or favorite film at no extra cost.

1. Sign up for advanced screenings

Movie studios often offer regular folk the ability to check out advanced screenings of soon-to-be-released films for free, in exchange for their feedback. Check out film production studios’ websites to find free advanced screenings in your area.

There are also websites, like Advance Screenings, dedicated to advanced screening tickets, that will email you whenever there’s an opportunity to get in a local theater for free. Some of these sites will offer free passes to other events, like concerts, too.

2. Become a VIP at your favorite theater(s)

Your local movie theater may offer freebie perks, too, like a free movie ticket on your birthday or free movie tickets for students.

Ask a theater manager how you can sign up to be a part of their VIP list, or visit the theater’s website to sign up for email alerts for offers.

3. Browse your local events calendar

There are usually ways to find free movie screenings in your community, especially for kid-friendly events. Your local community center might offer a family night, for example. Some parks and recreation organizations, water parks, and movie theaters will also host free movie days or nights, especially during the summer months.

Keep your eyes and ears open for local radio and TV news announcements, too.

4. Hit the drive-in theater

Technically, you’ll likely have to pay to see a movie at a drive-in theater, but many only charge per vehicle, not per person. So depending on how many people you can fit into your vehicle, several of you can score a “free” movie ticket for the price of one vehicle!

Drive-in theaters can be really fun and unique experiences. While many have concession stands you can drive through, you can also bring whatever food and (legal) drinks you want to have while you watch the movie. There’s something really cool about having the stars above you as you watch, too.

It never hurts to ask

Movie theaters want people in seats, so the chances are good you can find deals at your local theaters. Ask a manager what kinds of offers they have so you can sign up and see movies for less or for free.

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