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6 Apps to Help You Reduce Stress

Discover how apps for stress relief can help you reclaim the balance in your life through guided meditation, stress relief programs, and mood monitoring.

6 Apps to Help You Reduce Stress

Some moments in life can feel a little more stressful than others. Studies show that 55% of Americans experience stress during the day and that can affect your overall well-being. Reducing stress is important to maintain your quality of life. But that may seem easier said than done. Thankfully, there's an app for everything, and stress relief is one category that offers apps in abundance. These are a few of the most popular ones. 

1. Calm 

With over 10 million downloads on Google App Store, Calm is one of the stress relief apps that help promote sleep, meditation, and relaxation. The app features programs such as breathwork, meditation guidance, and Sleep Stories. It encourages users to practice mindfulness and the reminders allow you to practice daily calming routines. The app is available for iOS and Android users, and in-app purchases apply. 

2. Sanvello

The Sanvello app is a good fit if you're feeling overwhelmed and burned out thanks to its feel-better toolkit. The toolkit includes coping techniques, coaching, and meditation. The app also relies on data you enter, which allows it to customize your cognitive behavioral therapy plan. The app is free for both iOS and Android users. 

3. Happify 

The Happify app uses activities and games to help you through stressful moments. It's designed to help you conquer negative thoughts and build-self confidence. Best of all, you learn to cope with stress through games and fun activities. The app is available on iOS and Android, and users have several cost options to choose from. 

4. headspace 

According to the headspace app, users can feel 14% better in 10 days just by using their app. The app aims to tackle stressors such as work issues, relationship problems, and lack of sleep through guided activities to help you move, meditate, sleep, and focus. The app is paid for and available on iOS and Android devices. 

5. Relaxing Rhythms

Relaxing Rhythms is a 15-step meditation tool designed to help users reduce their stress through balanced living. You work your way through three levels on the app. The first is the 15 steps of guided training, the next is self-exploration meditation, and finally, you make use of the Grapher tool which tracks your physiological progress. Stress relief apps that a free are hard to come by, and this is one of them. Also, it's available on iOS and Android devices. 

6. MyMoodTracker 

One way to get a handle on your stress is to actively track your mood every day. MyMoodTracker uses data such as exercise, sleep, stress, and pain to determine how it affects your mood. Accurate data logging ensures that you can revisit past entries to see mood variances, and potentially remove or change certain stressors in your life. This is a paid-for app and is available on iOS devices only. 

Reduce your stress, improve your life

While some stress can help us reach higher goals and achievements in life, it's important to know how to manage stress and create a healthy balance. Diet and exercise can help manage stress, but it's also important to explore relaxation, rest, and meditation as a holistic approach to stress reduction, which makes apps for stress management so great. 

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