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Best Boredom-Busting Games and Apps

Whether you need to kill time or want to lose yourself in new worlds, try these 5 tech tools to entertain your brain.

Best Boredom-Busting Games and Apps

While we can all admit we should probably spend less time on our phones, we can also agree it's so fun! Whether you're waiting for a doctor's appointment or standing in line at the bank, apps can be a great way to keep your mind busy. From a mental health perspective, keeping your mind active, or in some cases relaxed, can be a silver lining to technology in the 21st century. 

1. Best quick-hit

There is no better time-killing game than Count Masters: Crowd Runner 3D. Often the simplest games are the most enjoyable, as demonstrated by this cartoon counting adventure. 

You start as a tiny blue man who multiplies into many other blue men. As you weave through gates, the goal is to collect as many guys as possible to earn the best rewards. It's perfect for standing in line, and each round is relatively quick, so you don't have to worry about losing progress if you're interrupted.

2. Best productivity booster

Making lists (and checking them off!) is the ultimate relaxation technique for some people. If you (like us) are determined to be more productive in 2022, Todoist: To-Do List & Tasks is a staple for any organized guru. Not only can you whip up helpful task lists, but you can also add lists within other lists. For instance, if "clean house" is too broad, you can create a sublist with the specifics. 

For something more straightforward, MinimaList strips back the bravado of fancier apps for a no-frills to-do list perfect for getting stuff done this year. 

3. Best for deep distraction

If you're like us, boredom is a luxury. It means you've got free time! Taking a mental health day? Kids out on a playdate? Treat yourself to a more immersive experience that will feel like you've visited far-away lands.

Sim City Buildit lets you craft entire cities from scratch, complete with iconic landmarks, restaurants, scenic views, and of course, lots and lots of Sims.

Marvel's Strike Force also focuses on world-building and dedicating time to crafting your team. Bonus: This game even has a cool-down structure, so you won't spend the entire day fighting Marvel's biggest villains.  

4. Best for sleepy time

With almost all five-star reviews, BetterSleep combines sleep and meditation into one app. Recommended by doctors and sleep experts alike, the program tracks your sleep, reports back, and works to increase the overall quality of your bedtime. 

5. Best for easing your mind

The world is prioritizing mental health more and more these days, and there are countless apps to help you on your wellness journey. In this space, it's worth doing your homework to figure out which one works for you. 

For instance, Moodnotes allows you to track your moods with simple emoji-style icons seamlessly. Be Okay is another stellar app that acts as a hub of self-care, allowing you to build a safe space, embark on breathing exercises, and even speed-dial emergency contacts. 

So next time you're in line or taking a break, know that you have a treasure trove of entertainment at your fingertips. Whether you want to get organized or play the day away, there is always a fun avenue to journey down.