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Save Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Using the Target App

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Using the Target App

Learn how to save using the Target mobile application, including how to scan receipts in the Target app and more. Visit Save to sign up for a free coupon book.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Using the Target App

If you’re a fan of one of the top 10 retailers in the U.S., Target, did you know you could save on your purchases by signing up for the free mobile Target application? It’s available on both iOS and Android devices. Just search “Target” on your smartphone to find the official Target Circle app in the App Store or on Google Play.

Once you’ve downloaded it, there are lots of cool features you can use within the app to organize your shopping lists and save on your purchases. You can create an account with your name, email address, and phone number, which will also sign you up for special deals delivered to your email inbox. You can also input your ZIP code to find your most-frequented stores, so you can customize your store selection based on your location.

After you’ve downloaded the Target app, you can use it whenever you shop there to save money, earn cash back and get access to Target Circle-member deals. Learn everything you need to know about using the Target app in this complete guide.

Take advantage of special deals

As a Target Circle member, you can get some special perks. One is the ability to earn 5% cash back rewards on a birthday shopping trip. Another is special Target Circle offers, available just to app members. You can browse the Target app any time and click the +Save offer on deals you’re interested in. Then, you can easily use them when you actually buy the items.

Also, when you open up the Wallet barcode in the app and go to checkout in stores, a scan will earn you 1% cash back on the app, too. You can use those cash back rewards on your next Target shopping trip.

For how to scan a receipt in the Target app, just open up the app and press the Wallet button. You’ll find it at the bottom center of the screen. Use your phone to scan the barcode on your receipt to apply all your rewards to that transaction.

If you’re shopping and paying online in the app, you don’t have to worry about how to add receipt to Target Circle. The app will automatically apply discounts to the items you’re getting when you click the +Save button on each product page and add the item to your cart. You’ll still get the 1% cash back perk on everything you’ve purchased within the app.

Whether you decide to take action for how to add receipt to Target app after a store shopping experience, or you shop online for delivery or store pickup, you can get Target deals from the Target app on every single purchase.

Just be aware that Target Circle rewards expire a year after you get them. So, if you’ve accumulated some, you’ll want to pay attention to when they expire so you don’t miss out.

Use the Target “To Go” tab

The Target “To Go” tab enables you to shop Target items from your phone and get them delivered to you, via contactless shopping.

In the app, just choose your preferred method of shopping, then add Target items to your cart. Target offers same-day delivery if you want items delivered to your home.

Or, check out with the "Picking Up" option. Head to the store at the pickup time you choose. At some stores, a Target associate will bring your shopped items, including fresh grocery items, directly to your car and load them in your trunk once you’ve opened it. You can also choose to go into the store to pick up your bagged items as soon as they’re ready.

See deals right in the app

As a Target Circle app member, you get access to unique mobile app offers. If you’re shopping in-store, open up the app while you’re shopping. You can use the app to scan the barcodes of products on shelves and instantly see and add offers while you’re shopping in-store.

You can also add the deals to items while you’re browsing or shopping for them in the app. You can add up to 75 offers to your app account at a time. Each offer can be used for up to four qualifying items in each transaction.

You can also browse the Target app to see Target-specific coupons in the brand’s Weekly Ad. The Weekly Ad includes new promos and sales from

When you scan the Wallet barcode from the app after a store purchase, you’ll instantly apply all the savings you’ve collected to your total purchase. That includes Target Circle discounts, gift cards, and 5% savings with the Target RedCard credit card or debit card. This occurs automatically when you’re completing a purchase in the app, too.

Save time while shopping

If you have a shopping list of items you want and know which store you’ll be shopping from, you can add items to a list on your app. The app will display which aisles you can find the items in, as well as show you if they’re on sale.

You can also check the items you want in your app shopping list first to see if they’re in stock in the store. If an item’s not in stock, you can get an alert through the app for when it’s back in stock. As you look at the items in the app, you can also see user reviews and compare item ratings to find the top-rated ones.

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