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SaveHome & Family Planning a Spring Event? Try These DIY Event Entertainment Ideas

Planning a Spring Event? Try These DIY Event Entertainment Ideas

Hosting a party this spring? Check out these DIY party entertainment ideas to save money and impress your guests. Visit our Coupon Book Finder to see if our coupons deliver to your area.

Planning a Spring Event? Try These DIY Event Entertainment Ideas

Having people over this spring? After all, it is the season for graduation parties, celebrating Memorial Day, and throwing birthday parties for spring chickens. And don't forget about the spring baby showers and weddings. There's always an excuse to entertain! Save money while creating an awesome get-together that guests are sure to remember. Use these DIY ideas for entertaining guests at your next spring event.

1. DIY photo backdrop

Did the party really happen if there aren’t photos? In today’s social media-focused world, a photo backdrop ranks high in importance for party entertainment ideas.

Some DIY ideas:

  • Create a balloon arch by affixing clusters of balloons that match your color theme to a wire base. You can also make a floating arch using fishing line and helium-filled balloons.
  • Attach paper decorations, like paper flowers, to a foam board using hot glue or pins.
  • Decorate a plastic tablecloth with sponge paint patterns.

You can even simply tape decorations like streamers, paper flowers, or balloons to an indoor wall to create an interesting backdrop. Add photo booth props like a feather boa or props on a stick, like word bubbles and mustaches, for silly shots.

2. Festive glassware

For big outdoor parties and parties with kids, you may be more comfortable using paper or plastic cups. You can still make them festive with some DIY touches.

  • Use adhesive mirror tiles to turn cups into disco balls.
  • Brush glue onto the bottoms of plastic or paper party cups, then roll them in confetti.
  • Add themed stickers onto plastic cups.  

You can also print out custom adhesives and stick them onto cups.

3. Fancy low-cost centerpieces

Table decorations add more visual appeal. They don’t have to cost a lot to make a meaningful impact.

  • Add flowers and greens from around your yard to whatever vases you own for an eclectic collection.
  • Fill cheap, clear plastic bowls with water. Float plastic flowers on top for a reusable centerpiece idea.
  • Transform old wine and liquor bottles into citronella torches. Remove the bottle label if you like. Glue a washer to the bottle opening, add fuel, then insert the wick.

Add cheap votive candles to interesting holders you have on hand. A candlelit glow always looks elegant.

4. Light it up

Speaking of a glowing atmosphere, twinkly lights are another way to elevate a space inexpensively. Enhance basic string lights by:

  • Stringing them through ping pong balls
  • Customizing lantern globes 
  • Covering them with decorative baking cups
  • Tying scraps of fabric or leaves onto the string

You can decorate string lights with just about anything you currently have, whether it’s by DIY-ing your own light cover or simply affixing something to the light string itself.

5. Homemade party favors

Want your guests to leave with something memorable? Create your own functional and fun party favors.

  • Paint the bottom half of clear plastic bubble containers. A silver or golden sheen makes them sophisticated.
  • Create your own DIY sugar scrub with just some sugar, oil, and fragrance. Find DIY sugar scrub recipes.
  • Give guests at-home spa treats. Learn how to make a DIY bath bomb.

You can also create edible party favors. Fill jars with candy or dry ingredients to make hot chocolate or cookies.

Ready, set, spring into party season

Guests love DIY party entertainment ideas because they show off a personal touch from the host. You can save money and put more of yourself into your spring party when you DIY.