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SaveBeauty & Style Does Ulta Beauty Price Match? Here's Everything You Need to Know

Does Ulta Beauty Price Match? Here's Everything You Need to Know

Does Ulta Beauty do price matching? Our guide offers everything you need to find out how to save at Ulta and enjoy big deals year-round.

Does Ulta Beauty Price Match? Here's Everything You Need to Know

Do you spend hours searching for the best deals and prices for the beauty products you love? As an avid webroomer who sweeps for online and in-store sales to compare prices, you might have seen some big retailers participating in price matching. 

Ulta Beauty, Inc. is a popular and loved brand by many Americans, with an 82% fame rating and 45% popularity out of all other big beauty competitors. What are their marketing methods, and how can you save big on their products? Let's dive in and unpack Ulta Beauty's methods and how you can save at Ulta Beauty year-round. 

Does Ulta price match?

No, Ulta Beauty does not price-match purchases. 

How to save at Ulta Beauty

Since its conception in 1990, Ulta Beauty has adapted to bring you, their customer, beauty, fashion, and haircare products and services. Ulta Beauty does not price match, but they offer several significant sales throughout the year.

Here are some of the top tips to remember the next time you want to top up your favorite beauty products:

  1. Visit deal sites that offer deals and coupons.
  2. Search for an Ulta coupon on their website, app, or store.
  3. Visit their Special Offers page on the Ulta website highlighting sales and buy-more-save-more deals.
  4. Sign up for the free Ultamate Rewards programwhere you can earn points for every dollar spent on services or beauty products. Get $3 off with 100 points and $125 off for 2000 savings in between. You can earn even more points once you become a Platinum or Diamond member or during special sale days.
  5. Apply for your Ultamate Rewards credit card. Perks include no annual fee, 20% off your first purchase, double points for every $1 spent at Ulta Beauty, and 500 welcome points when you spend $500 in the first 90 days outside of Ulta Beauty. With the credit card, you can manage your account online, pay your bills, view account activity, check your balance, and update your personal information. 
  6. Download the Ulta Beauty app, where coupons that you're eligible for are automatically applied.
  7. Opt into email offers and app notifications for exclusive bonus point offers. 
  8. Set a reminder on your phone to check Ulta's weekly ad for up-to-date brand and category sales.
  9. Learn how to coupon and seek Ulta Beauty manufacturer coupons that you can use for various products.

Ulta sales calendar for 2023

The Ulta sales calendar showcases specific days that generate excitement for customers who want to take advantage of Ulta's 15% to 50% deals and pushes product sales for retailers. It's a win-win situation.

January - Love Your Skin Event

Get ready for 21 days of beauty sale days! Every day for three weeks, you can grab top brands at varying discounts. Each day's deal lasts only 24 hours before a new deal is launched. Sometimes you'll save and grab extra points, so set a reminder to shop daily.

March - Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Spring Sale

If January flew by, you have another opportunity in March for three weeks of hot sales with Ulta Beauty. Follow their social media pages to find out when the Spring sales start and add it to your self-care roster

July - Ulta Jumbo Love Hair Sale

Also known as the Liter Sale, this month-long summer sale is perfectly timed to grab products that protect your skin and hair against the sun. 

September - Ulta Days of Beauty Fall Sale

Adjust your hair and skin routine for the Fall and do a happy dance for the second round of 21 sale days this year. 

October - Fall Haul

Bargain hunters, listen up; in October, Ulta's big October Fall Haul allows you to stock up on everyday beauty essentials. More than 50 brands are included in the deals, so you're bound to find a product you love. 

October - Gorgeous Hair Event

Another hair sale to prep for changing seasons, the October Gorgeous Hair Event showcases a few products for up to 50% discounts. You will also find 2 for $25 or 2 for $30 on shampoos and conditioners, and more. 

November - Black Friday Deals

Stock up for Christmas with great offers during Black Friday. Up to 50% off deals will put you in the holiday mood and prepare you for the new year. 

Find the best savings and hacks for your beauty routine!

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