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Save A Beginner's Guide to Amazon Gift Cards

A Beginner's Guide to Amazon Gift Cards

Stumped for gift ideas? Give the gift of endless possibilities. Amazon gift cards are quick, easy, and so versatile. Here’s the lowdown on Amazon gift cards.

A Beginner's Guide to Amazon Gift Cards

You can buy just about anything on Amazon. From books and DVDs to tech, homeware, clothing, and shoes. If you can’t decide on what to buy someone for their birthday or Christmas, gifting them with an Amazon gift card is a terrific solution. How do Amazon gift cards work? Here’s your ultimate guide to getting and using Amazon gift cards.

Where to buy an Amazon gift card

What is an Amazon gift card? It is a card pre-loaded with a specific amount of money the recipient can use to purchase anything from the website. The card is sent to the receiver via post or email. Where can you get Amazon gift cards? Purchase them on the dedicated page on the site. In the U.S., you can also buy Amazon gift cards in specific denominations from participating retailers and convenience stores.

Are there different types of Amazon gift cards?

Depending on the occasion and recipient, you can choose between three different types of gift cards.

1. Amazon eGift card

The eGift card is sent to the recipient via email. Type in your own amount or opt for one of the pre-set amounts. This virtual gift card sends off within five minutes of purchase if the payment process goes smoothly. The nice thing about this option is that you can send the eGift card immediately or choose a future date (like their birthday) for the gift card to land in the recipient’s inbox.

2. Print-at-home Amazon gift cards

If you like to give something in person, the print-at-home Amazon gift cards are the solution for you. The process works much like the eGift card. However, instead of the gift card details being sent off via e-mail, you receive a PDF file that you can print out at home. Once you have made the purchase, download the PDF from ‘Your Orders’ and print it out.

3. Mailed gift cards

For something more customizable that looks like you have added a special touch, sending gift cards by mail is a super choice. You can choose from several different fun packages and designs, such as a cute snowman tin for a festive season gift, or a cupcake tin or balloon reveal card for a birthday gift card. Once you have chosen the amount and the package design and made the payment, Amazon will send the packaged gift card to the lucky recipient. In most areas, 1-day free shipping will apply.

Amazon gift card balance checker

You can check your Amazon gift card balance at any time.

  • Login into your Amazon account.
  • Select "Your account".
  • Select "gift cards" to view the balance on any of your gift cards.

How to redeem an Amazon gift card

The balance on an Amazon gift card never expires, so the recipient can use a portion of the value now and then access the remaining amount at a later stage. To redeem an Amazon gift card, log into your account and select ‘gift card balance’. Type in the claim code on the card and apply it to your account. Easy peasy!

Where can I use an Amazon gift card?

Gift cards from can be used to purchase a myriad of eligible goods and services on as well as on some related sites. You can use an Amazon gift card to purchase books on Kindle, pay your Amazon Prime subscription, order groceries through Whole Foods or Amazon Fresh, and much more.

Give the gift of endless possibilities

Take the stress out of deciding on gifts for your nearest and dearest. Giving an Amazon gift card allows the recipient to select from literally millions of products and services on For more savvy ways to make the most of your dollars, download's coupon book finder. If you are new to couponing, check out this beginner's guide to couponing and how couponing can serve your community.