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16 Ideas for Planning a Magical Winter Wonderland Wedding

These 16 winter wonderland wedding ideas make planning a magical day that doesn't break the bank so much easier. Get inspired to say "I do" in a unique way.

16 Ideas for Planning a Magical Winter Wonderland Wedding

It seems that spring and summer are the most popular seasons to get married, but that's just because winter weddings are a well-kept secret! You can do a lot with décor, food and drinks to make your big day magical for everyone. Plus, cold temperatures bring a lot of saving opportunities on all kinds of wedding essentials, from venue rentals to photographers. These 16 winter wedding ideas are bound to inspire you to start planning a day to remember.

1. Choose a winter venue

Booking an indoor venue for your winter wedding is a good call. You could have the ceremony outdoors if you want to brave the cold, but the reception is best held at a dreamy inn, a beautiful event center, or even a cozy restaurant.

2. Send winter-themed invites

Whether you're doing physical invites or e-vites, be sure to incorporate winter themes for some extra charm. A few snowflakes, pine cones and needles, and mistletoe all look wonderful in a save-the-date.

3. Embrace cool or jewel tones

Cool hues, like blue and silver, are popular winter wedding colors. But jewel tones, like emerald green and ruby red, also look amazing and they make any venue feel cozier and more homely.

4. Make winter part of your decoration

Bring winter indoors when decorating your reception venue. For example, you could make pine cone and needle arrangements for table centerpieces. You could also drape white tulle or silk fabric to mimic blankets of snow. Or even cut intricate-looking snowflakes from thin decoration paper and hang them from the ceiling.

5. Hang fairy lights

Fairy lights are dainty, elegant, and cozy. They're perfect for just about any winter wonderland wedding venue. Hang them from the ceiling or wrap them around a well-decorated wedding arch for stunning pictures. 

6. Rely on candles to set the mood

Candles are an amazing source of soft light that photographs well and sets a cozy mood for the reception. And, since they're inexpensive, you can get lots of them and still stick to a budget. Mix and match tall candles with tea-light candles for a more effortlessly chic look. 

7. Pick winter flowers for décor and a bouquet

Winter flowers include amaryllis, sweet peas, and ranunculus. If you're having a winter wedding, why not have flowers that are in season then? Not only are they gorgeous but they're also more affordable and better for the planet because they don't have to be shipped from other parts of the world.

8. Have blankets available for guests

Winter weddings can get chilly, even indoors. Pack a basket with warm, cozy blankets (bonus points if they go with your color scheme) so guests can grab them when they feel like it and stay comfortable during the reception.

9. Hand out hand-warmers

If you're having any part of the wedding outside (including picture-taking time!), make some hand-warmers ahead of time. Sew (or buy) fabric pouches and fill them with uncooked rice, then leave them on a warming surface until it's time to head out. It's such a quick project and it shows your guests you thought of them!

10. Wear a long-sleeved dress

Winter wedding dresses often have long sleeves for obvious reasons. Even if the sleeves are mostly lace, it'll still keep you warmer than a sleeveless dress would. And if you're planning to take pictures outside, this is definitely something you'll want to think about.

11. Layers, layers, layers

Layering is the best way to stay warm on your wedding day. If your legs won't be visible, you could wear warm tights. You could also throw on a knit cardigan or shawl, or even a fur (or faux fur) cover-up—you'd be surprised at how many affordable unique garments you can find in estate sales.

12. Ask guests to throw “seasonal” confetti

Put a more seasonal spin on the confetti that gets thrown at the bride and groom after the ceremony. You could go with bird feed, snowflakes made of paper, or dried petals—all environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic-based glitter that biodegrade quickly.

13. Host a “welcome” hot cocoa bar

What better way to welcome your guests at the reception than with hot chocolate? Set up a self-serving table with the drink and a variety of toppings for your loved ones to enjoy.

14. Serve winter cocktails

If you're having a cocktail bar, it could be a good idea to stock a couple of winter cocktails. Make seasonal ingredients the star of the drink. For example, you could serve hot toddy (warm orange with bourbon) and pomegranate sparklers (pomegranate seeds and juice with sparkling wide)—or any other winter cocktails you and your partner enjoy. Oh, and don't forget to plan for at least one non-alcoholic cozy winter drink!

15. Go seasonal for the reception meal

Seasonal ingredients are more affordable and more delicious, so be sure to include them in your main meal. Winter foods like brussels sprouts and winter squash are versatile and make for delicious sides to many meat, fish, and vegetarian dishes.

16. Cut into a winter-bounty wedding cake

Lastly, adding a few winter elements to your wedding cake is an elegant finishing touch to an already beautiful ceremony. You could have your cake decorated with edible winter flowers (like pansies and violas) or have winter flavors (for example, cranberry) incorporated into the cake itself.

Saving up for and on your big day is more than doable!

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