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Yogalates: What is It and Why Should You Try It?

Yogalates combines the enhanced body and mind awareness of yoga with the strength and stability training of Pilates. Best of all, you can do it on a budget.

Yogalates: What is It and Why Should You Try It?

As its name suggests, yogalates takes its inspiration from yoga and Pilates. Yogalates combines the balance, stamina, strength, flexibility, and yogic focus of enhanced mind and body awareness with Pilates techniques that improve posture, core strength, and stability.

What can you expect from a yogalates class?

Optimal body alignment is a core principle in Pilates and yoga, so this is likely to be a primary focus of these classes. Depending on the style and the trainer, yogalates may include guided mindfulness, breathing exercises, and relaxation. A yogalates class will combine intense core and abdominal strength work with popular yoga poses such as the warrior pose, downward-facing dog, and sun salutations.

Benefits of yogalates

One of the core principles of yogalates is for you to work according to your needs and strengths. Push yourself and stretch only as far as your body can manage. It is a gentle yet effective exercise format even the most unfit can succeed at. Here are a few reasons why you might want to give yogalates a try:

1. Improved flexibility

Yoga and Pilates help to stretch and strengthen muscles around your joints so that they are better supported. This will lead to improved joint mobility and flexibility.

2. Organ massage

Yogalates can improve the health of your internal organs by actively stimulating them with the different poses and stretches.

3. Detoxing

The deep stretches and demanding poses you do during a yogalates session stimulate the nerve endings within muscles and internal organs. This results in improved circulation throughout the body, helping the body to flush out toxins. PS – If you are looking for natural ways to detox, check this out.

4. Weight loss

Yogalates combined with a healthy active lifestyle and a balanced diet may help you improve your metabolism and shed excess weight.

5. Muscle toning

By supporting your body weight in holding typical yoga poses and engaging muscles for balance, yogalates can help you tone muscles you didn’t even know you had!

Why is yogalates great for savers?

So, yogalates is irrefutably good for your body, but how is it on your budget? Here are a few reasons why yogalates is a superb form of exercise if you don’t want to stretch your budget tighter than Jane Fonda’s spandex.

  1. No special shoes or safety equipment required! All you need is a pair of comfy yoga pants (stretchy leggings will do nicely too) and a yoga mat. If you don’t have a yoga mat, check your local Facebook community for a second hand one or use a folded-up picnic blanket instead.
  2. Look for classes where you already work out. Your local gym might offer yogalates classes at no additional cost to you. Yogalates classes offered at a community college or recreational center may be more affordable than at a private yoga studio or Pilates club.
  3. Save on gym fees and traveling expenses. Do a yogalates session in the comfort of your own home. Follow an online class or download yogalates YouTube videos.
  4. Don’t blow your bonus on clothes that you are going to sweat in, especially if you are doing so at home. Shop around for yogalates outfits. It doesn’t have to be the latest, cutest gear. 

Stretch your legs stretch your budget 

Yogalates is an excellent form of exercise for toning muscles and improving flexibility and endurance. The best thing about it is that it is a form of exercise available to everyone, even if you are getting fit on a budget. So, pull on those yoga pants and get stretching! Check the Save mailer for deals and savings on healthy snacks, workout clothes, and maybe even a yoga mat!