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Save How Canning Can Help You Save This Summer

How Canning Can Help You Save This Summer

Make hay while the sun shines! Canning your cheap summer produce will give you savings that last all through the cold days of winter and right into spring.

How Canning Can Help You Save This Summer
Canning food is an age-old practice. It can take a while to learn the basics and gather your supplies, but once you're all set up, you'll discover that it's fun, rewarding, and a great way to make the most of cheap summer produce. Whether you're getting food from your vegetable garden or finding the best bulk specials, these tips can help you save. Grab your jars and canning lids and let's jump in!

Buy in bulk for canning

Buying food that's in season is usually much cheaper because there's often an oversupply and the food doesn't have to travel so far to get to you. Buy your favorite fruit and veggies while they're cheap in summer and then can them. You'll get some great savings and have the joy of opening little jars of summer all winter long.

Find out what grows in your area

There are so many benefits to buying food that's in season and locally grown.

  • It tastes better
  • It has a higher nutritional value (because it hasn't been stored so long)
  • It's better for the environment (the food doesn't have to travel far)
  • And best of all: It's usually cheaper!
Start by finding out what's grown in your area. You can usually find the very best deals on food that's grown locally. Once you know what produce is abundant in your area, jump onto Pinterest or flip through your favorite recipe book and start gathering recipes for canning and freezing. Most fruits and vegetables can be used in a variety of ways. Think pie fillings, pickles, jams, jellies, hot sauces, preserves, butters, and more.

Canning what you actually eat

Canning food can save you a lot of money! But, there's also no point in dedicating extra time and ingredients to making food that you won't actually use. Sure you could can a bunch of peach pie filling, but if you don't eat much sugar, it probably won't get used. Before you start canning, have a look at the sorts of foods that your family likes to eat. If you're trying a new recipe and you're not sure if you'll all like it, make a small batch and give it a taste first.

Canning food for gifts

Canning isn't just for your grandma! It's making a real comeback and home-canned food is a lovely, unique gift that doesn't break the budget. If you're wanting to gift your canned foods then you'll want to stock up on some pretty canning jars. A nice ribbon and a label (it can be hand-written) finish the gift off perfectly. 

How else can I save This Summer?

Summer is a time of fun and abundance. Make the most of your summer this year without breaking the bank. Save has great tips and ideas to help you enjoy summer and still stick to your budget. Check out this great Summer Family Bucket List or these tips on How To Store Your Fruit and Vegetables to Make Them Last Longer.