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7 Simple Ways to Save Money

7 Simple Ways to Save Money 1

There are many simple things you can do to save a little extra money each month. Every deposit of funds can add up to something substantial by the end of the year

Here are seven efficient ways to save more:

  1. Deposit directly into a savings account. If your paycheck is deposited directly into your bank account, ask your company to set aside a certain percentage of your wages to go directly into your savings account.
  2. Review monthly bank statement. Be sure to look at your monthly banking statement for errors or monthly charges you may not have noticed. It is also a good way to see how much you are spending and will help you create a monthly budget.
  3. Watch those ATM fees. If your bank charges ATM fees, plan ATM visits carefully to make fewer machine withdrawals. At a few dollars a visit, those costs can add up over the month.
  4. Drop the cable. Cable TV can cost $500 per year or more. Do you watch all of the channels in your cable package? Consider ditching cable and subscribing to streaming services such as Hulu or Netflix that cost about $10 per month.
  5. Enjoy happy hour. Have fun on a budget. Look for the drink or food specials at your favorite bars or restaurants to avoid paying full price.
  6. Check clothing labels. Consider avoiding clothes that you have to dry-clean only that is expensive. However, buy and wear fabrics that you can wash at home.
  7. Remove credit card numbers from online accounts. Are one-click options making it too easy to overspend? If so, remove them. 

Check out these 20 additional ways to make the most of your money to help you save monthly.

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