Fri, Feb 19, 2016 – by Jennifer Frye

5 Things to Do to Make Your Mornings Fantastically Better

5 Things to Do to Make Your Mornings Fantastically Better 1

Do you find yourself overthinking what to wear in the morning? Maybe, you have a difficult time fitting in time to enjoy a cup of coffee or a healthy breakfast? Let’s face it, mornings can be hard for some people, especially if you are not a morning person.

Here are several things to do that will make you productive and excited about each new day.

  1. Set your alarm an hour earlier. You may be thinking “why do I need to get up sonner?” However, multiple studies that show that early risers are more productive, better planners, and have easier commutes (yes!).
  2. Meditate. After the alarm goes off, get up slowly and take at least five to ten minutes to prepare your mind and body for the rest of the day. Read positive affirmations, pray, journal your thoughts or goals. Take the time to practice gratitude and thankfulness for a fresh start.
  3. Get sweaty. Fitting in a five or fifteen-minute workout is another way to get the day started on a positive note. You will boost your mood and have increased energy. Check out these free fitness routines to get started.
  4. Eat well. You know that breakfast is the most important meal to start off the day. Get the fuel you need to keep you energized. Also, it is an excellent way to prevent eating too much or from snacking on unhealthy foods. Here are six on-the-go breakfast recipes to plan in advance.
  5. Plan the rest of the day. Prioritize your list of things to do that you would like to accomplish in the day. You may find that waking up earlier will allow you to complete some of the tasks on the list.  

Try adding these steps one day at a time until you are in the habit of waking up earlier. Hey, at least, you can sleep in a while longer on the weekend.

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